Our Technology

Business Intelligence Solution

Our automated, cross-channel BI solution integrates with your CRM and digital ad channels, displaying all the important ROI metrics you need to be aware of. Giving you the key insights needed to optimize and scale your marketing ROI.

Well, it’s a shame John passed away in 1922 because he would have loved our BI solution!
Visualize and fully understand your company’s marketing results:

• Automated, integrated & cross-channel technology
• Integrates with your existing CRM and digital advertising channels
• One neat, centralized display for all marketing data

Automated PPC Algorithm

Taking a step beyond human capability with our Deep Learning-based algorithm that optimizes campaigns in real time faster and better than an entire PPC team. The algorithm’s speed and accuracy allow you to reach optimal profits in extremely short time frames.

We save ourselves the long learning curve by going straight for results.
Our Automated PPC solution will:

  • Analyze millions of queries simultaneously
  • Predict key parameters in user behavior
  • Automate bidding optimization

In other words, we can predict the results of our campaigns before we even launch them.

A/B Testing Tool

Go for as many A/B tests as you want. Our algorithm performs an ongoing analysis, making sure only the top converting ads reach every customer segment. Yet, we don’t stop there. The optimizations will occur on levels of the marketing funnel: Keywords, Ads, Landing pages, GEOs, etc.

Saying “Think outside the box” to your copywriter, is like saying to your developers “Let’s use a keyboard to write the code”, a very useful advice.
-Arthur Prilutzki

And that’s ok, that’s what we have A/B testing for!
In fact, the quote above is being A/B tested as you read this.
Refresh this page to see the other quotes and don’t forget to tell us your favorite =)