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What makes us special

As you probably figured out from our video, we are not the usual “Please buy our product” kind of a company.We are an independent marketing-technology company that strives to create the leading artificial intelligence on the market.

We like our independence because it allows us to create fruitful partnerships instead of trying to please the market. This approach allowed us to create our own AI – Space Suit. The results Space Suit produced for our partners only proved to us we took the right path.

Mom & Dad
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
CEO & Co-Founder
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder
Account Analysts
Shmulik Zini Shmulik Zini
Shmulik Zini
Account Analyst
Yaniv Epstein Yaniv Epstein
Yaniv Epstein
Account Analyst
Guy Siegel Guy Siegel
Guy Siegel
Account Analyst
Snir Cohen Snir Cohen
Snir Cohen
Account Analyst
Dudu Mordechai Dudu Mordechai
Dudu Mordechai
Account Analyst
Gil Gurovich Gil Gurovich
Gil Gurovich
Account Analyst
Nadav Druker Nadav Druker
Nadav Druker
Account Analyst
Adar Fattal Adar Fattal
Adar Fattal
Account Analyst
Nir Dahari Nir Dahari
Nir Dahari
Account Analyst
Lior Barkai Lior Barkai
Lior Barkai
Account Analyst
Avi Ilinsky Avi Ilinsky
Avi Ilinsky
Avishay Solomon Avishay Solomon
Avishay Solomon
Account Analyst
Ron Eitan Ron Eitan
Ron Eitan
Account Analyst
Peter Tsykounov Peter Tsykounov
Peter Tsykounov
Account Analyst
Nir Geyari Nir Geyari
Nir Geyari
PPC Manager
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Shai Kazaz Shai Kazaz
Shai Kazaz
Noam Halavi Noam Halavi
Noam Halavi
Product Manager
Sagi Medina Sagi Medina
Sagi Medina
Dev Team manager
Assaf Vaish Assaf Vaish
Assaf Vaish
Chief Architect
Naor Manobela Naor Manobela
Naor Manobela
Full Stack Developer
Adi Goldstein Adi Goldstein
Adi Goldstein
Full Stack Developer
Omer Haim Omer Haim
Omer Haim
Dev Ops
Ahmad Alinat Ahmad Alinat
Ahmad Alinat
Full Stack Developer
Avi Hayev Avi Hayev
Avi Hayev
Full Stack Developer
Moshe Tsabari Moshe Tsabari
Moshe Tsabari
Guy Efrati Guy Efrati
Guy Efrati
Business Development Manager
Oz Mercer Oz Mercer
Oz Mercer
Full Stack Developer
Oron Abutbul Oron Abutbul
Oron Abutbul
Full Stack Developer
Moris Iarossi Moris Iarossi
Moris Iarossi
Full Stack Developer
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Amos Jerbi Amos Jerbi
Amos Jerbi
UI & UX Designer
Yulia Maslo Yulia Maslo
Yulia Maslo
UI & UX Designer
Arthur Prilutzki Arthur Prilutzki
Arthur Prilutzki
Creative Director & Copywriter
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Amit Attia Amit Attia
Amit Attia
Office Manager
Legal & Accounting
Tsahi Alfassi Tsahi Alfassi
Tsahi Alfassi
Odelia Dar Vasserman Odelia Dar Vasserman
Odelia Dar Vasserman
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