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What makes us special

As you probably figured out from our video, we are not the usual “Please buy our product” kind of a company.We are an independent marketing-technology company that strives to create the leading artificial intelligence on the market.

We like our independence because it allows us to create fruitful partnerships instead of trying to please the market. This approach allowed us to create our own AI – Space Suit. The results Space Suit produced for our partners only proved to us we took the right path.

Mom & Dad
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan
Eliran Ouzan
CEO & Co-Founder
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel Langer Daniel Langer
Daniel Langer
 Dudu Mordechai  Dudu Mordechai
Dudu Mordechai
Yaniv Epstein Yaniv Epstein
Yaniv Epstein
Snir Cohen Snir Cohen
Snir Cohen
Shmulik Zini Shmulik Zini
Shmulik Zini
Veronika Komarnitski Veronika Komarnitski
Veronika Komarnitski
Rotem Primovich Rotem Primovich
Rotem Primovich
Daria Barishev Daria Barishev
Daria Barishev
Sharon Cohen Sharon Cohen
Sharon Cohen
Tal Cohen Tal Cohen
Tal Cohen
Shay Cohen Shay Cohen
Shay Cohen
Roei Barkai Roei Barkai
Roei Barkai
Orel Calangan Orel Calangan
Orel Calangan
Omri Mamou Omri Mamou
Omri Mamou
 Moran Levy  Moran Levy
Moran Levy
 Lior Barkai  Lior Barkai
Lior Barkai
Guy Siegel Guy Siegel
Guy Siegel
Lior Boostany Lior Boostany
Lior Boostany
Lotem Kalmanson Lotem Kalmanson
Lotem Kalmanson
Haniel Mordechai Haniel Mordechai
Haniel Mordechai
Arik Sharvit Arik Sharvit
Arik Sharvit
Adi Sharabi Adi Sharabi
Adi Sharabi
Avishay Solomon Avishay Solomon
Avishay Solomon
Peter Tsykounov Peter Tsykounov
Peter Tsykounov
Tair Avital Tair Avital
Tair Avital
Tomer Peres Tomer Peres
Tomer Peres
Fabrice Cap Fabrice Cap
Fabrice Cap
Neta Hass Neta Hass
Neta Hass
Yaniv Gerner Yaniv Gerner
Yaniv Gerner
Nir Zilberman Nir Zilberman
Nir Zilberman
Amit Peres Amit Peres
Amit Peres
Yuval Segal Yuval Segal
Yuval Segal
Alexandra Asinovskaya Alexandra Asinovskaya
Alexandra Asinovskaya
Jonathan Aflalo Jonathan Aflalo
Jonathan Aflalo
Dan Bitton Dan Bitton
Dan Bitton
Alon Glazer Alon Glazer
Alon Glazer
Dorin Goldberg Dorin Goldberg
Dorin Goldberg
Yovel Pechter Yovel Pechter
Yovel Pechter
Nir Havazelet Nir Havazelet
Nir Havazelet
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Moshe Tsabari Moshe Tsabari
Moshe Tsabari
 Shlomi Moshe  Shlomi Moshe
Shlomi Moshe
Yogev Hasid Yogev Hasid
Yogev Hasid
Hassan Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Sheikh Ahmed
Hassan Sheikh Ahmed
Guy Moyal Guy Moyal
Guy Moyal
Oleg Tzurikov Oleg Tzurikov
Oleg Tzurikov
Adam Ben shushan Adam Ben shushan
Adam Ben shushan
Or Shahar Or Shahar
Or Shahar
Roy Ambar Roy Ambar
Roy Ambar
Hodaya Cohen Hodaya Cohen
Hodaya Cohen
Shahar Shilman Shahar Shilman
Shahar Shilman
Tomer Efroni Tomer Efroni
Tomer Efroni
Uzi Arbiv Uzi Arbiv
Uzi Arbiv
Moises Bassan Moises Bassan
Moises Bassan
Nesi Zagury Nesi Zagury
Nesi Zagury
Yonatan Yoselevski Yonatan Yoselevski
Yonatan Yoselevski
Shoval Nuri Shoval Nuri
Shoval Nuri
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Gil Chen Gil Chen
Gil Chen
Anna Kats Anna Kats
Anna Kats
Yulia Maslo Yulia Maslo
Yulia Maslo
Liubov Azovskaya Liubov Azovskaya
Liubov Azovskaya
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Hanny Nachshon Hanny Nachshon
Hanny Nachshon
Amit Attia Amit Attia
Amit Attia
Ortal Rabin Ortal Rabin
Ortal Rabin
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Tsahi Alfassi Tsahi Alfassi
Tsahi Alfassi
Odelia Dar Vasserman Odelia Dar Vasserman
Odelia Dar Vasserman
Elinor Keinan Elinor Keinan
Elinor Keinan
Dvora Cohen Dvora Cohen
Dvora Cohen
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Saar Gozlan Saar Gozlan
Saar Gozlan
Noam Nesher Noam Nesher
Noam Nesher
Ron Eitan Ron Eitan
Ron Eitan
Tomer Medina Tomer Medina
Tomer Medina
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 Gil Farkash  Gil Farkash
Gil Farkash
Gal Oved Gal Oved
Gal Oved
Yehuda Atia Yehuda Atia
Yehuda Atia
Aviran Zazon Aviran Zazon
Aviran Zazon
Ela Gal-Kfir Ela Gal-Kfir
Ela Gal-Kfir
Eddie Segal Eddie Segal
Eddie Segal
Sam Weisfeld Sam Weisfeld
Sam Weisfeld
Dolev Nehorai Dolev Nehorai
Dolev Nehorai
Rafael Salber Rafael Salber
Rafael Salber
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Business Development
Shahar Sameah Shahar Sameah
Shahar Sameah
Lior Lancrei Lior Lancrei
Lior Lancrei
Dima Lohem Dima Lohem
Dima Lohem
Itai Agani Itai Agani
Itai Agani
Omer Oshri Omer Oshri
Omer Oshri
Tzachi Hamisha Tzachi Hamisha
Tzachi Hamisha
Alon Reichman Alon Reichman
Alon Reichman
Hovav Frank Hovav Frank
Hovav Frank
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